30 Best College Dorm Essentials

best college dorm essentials

These are the 30 best dorm room essentials for college in 2022!

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Summer break has started which is so incredibly exciting! If you are reading this I think it’s safe to assume that you have a child going into college or yourself! I love looking at all the things people come out with to take to college, so I have rounded up the best college dorm room essentials for 2022. These are items that you would want to make sure not to forget and things I think would just make life easier in general. 

Dorm Room Furniture Essentials

I love to have people over. I loved it in school and it carried over to my adult life as well. If your room can swing it, I would highly recommend getting a futon. They have come such a long way in terms of looks and durability. I’m sharing 3 options in different price points. My favorites are the faux leather because I just think they look amazing. However, I would definitely just make sure you grab whatever is in. Your price range. 

I’m obsessed with a good hot tea. I also love coffee but when I try to never miss an afternoon tea. I would just exclusively have a black tea but as I’ve got older I’m now branching out. Anyway, where I’m going with this is getting a small coffee maker. If coffee isn’t your jam you can still use it for the hot water to make your teas as well! 

Dorm Room Storage Solutions

I still use these cube storage units in my home today! Each of my kids has one in their bedrooms, the playroom, and my own bedroom. Not enough good things can be said about them. You can keep them as just shelves for books or you can pick out adorable boxes to put in that match your aesthetic and pull your room together. All of the various sizes you can get make it easy to find one that fits in your space as well! 

The goal is to really maximize space as best as you possibly can. A place I feel like you can really utilize is your closet for this. Also, you want to think of containers under places as well (like that amazing futon you just looked at ;)). Other things you can use for this are hanger extenders and shelves that sit at the bottom of your closet. 

Bedding Essentials for Dorm Rooms

Dorm room beds aren’t exactly the most comfortable, but you can at least make them as comfortable as possible. A good mattress topper can make all of the difference! Having a great comforter can really change your bed as well. I prefer a duvet with a cover over a comforter and the cover is much easier to wash. A lot of people sleep with a fan on. If this is you I think you will love this fan. 

To really make your dorm homey adding a few pillows will 100% make you feel more at home. I wouldn’t go crazy here because of space however, this is just a really great way to make your room look and feel better.  The rule I like to follow is to go a step down in my cover than I get in my insert. Example: 20×20 insert I would get an 18 x 18 cover. My last addition to a bed would be to get the coziest blanket! I love these Barefoot Dreams blankets but they have a huge price tag. Thankfully, there have been a lot of dupes out there now that feel just as amazing! 

College Essential Electronics

Now I have heard mixed things about taking a mac to college, but I love my Apple products and I hate to think about going back at this point. Everything just syncs so well together that it makes my life now so much easier. However, I have been using google drive a lot more since not everyone on the team has an apple product. This has been a very inexpensive way to share things with everyone. 

Space is so limited having a power strip with an extension added to it will you out so much! I feel like there are just never enough outlets and this has followed me into adulthood as well. Going off of this one I would also suggest an extra-long charging cord. I use these ones around our house so that I don’t have to worry about a plug anywhere to charge any of our devices. 

Airpods are amazing. Trust me, I get it but I got a pair of beats over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones for Christmas and I am obsessed. They are so much more comfortable in my opinion but I do understand that it isn’t for everyone when wearing them out in public. 

College Dorm Room Essentials for Guys

As a boy mom, I can’t leave out the guys! While a lot of these already apply to them just in their own color choices I just wanted to make a point to share some of my favorite things I have found. 

Final Dorm Room Essentials Round-Up

To wrap this up I was going to just mention a few things that I feel others would already prep but just to be certain! A lighted mirror. Dorm lighting is awful and you do not want to be stuck using it or hoping for good natural light. A good water bottle!A good water bottle! I love this one so much keeps my ice so cold and you can use this with a straw or you can tip it up to drink from. My last essential I want to mention is a shower caddyMy last essential I want to mention is a shower caddy. The plastic ones are sturdy and great but you will just carry water from the shower to your room and nobody wants to deal with that.

This post was all about the best college dorm room essentials.  


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