Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023

spring holiday capsule wardrobe

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023

This post is about Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023. The pieces shown were curated using everything from Old Navy! So they are high quality, low price tag. (Which we love!)

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How to build a spring capsule wardrobe. 

I know that most of us cleaned out our closets in the new year to get back on track and have less “stuff” to worry about. So let’s keep that going with a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small curated selection of clothing and accessories that you would consider essential. Now your capsule can contain as many pieces as you want but the idea is to have pieces that can carry over into other seasons as well with just a few pieces that are set for the specific season. 

I live in an area that has all of the seasons. So having just pieces that can be worn year-round isn’t an option for me. What you really want to do is shop with intention. Think about whether I will wear this again or is this fast fashion.

So, let’s dive into my ideal spring capsule and remember. You don’t NEED all of these pieces. Some of them you probably already have in your closet you can pull from! 

Winter to Spring Capsule Wardrobe

The idea with a capsule is to pull from what you can and only add pieces if you need to. Here we are just pulling from what we have and adding a touch of spring. 

warm spring capsule wardrobe

 When transitioning from winter to spring having a sweater you can throw over a tank is a great option! Especially if you live somewhere that has chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Jean shorts are a staple I like to have a non-distressed pair in my closet. I LOVE cardigans. I wear them all the time and this one with the buttons would be a great neutral basic to have on hand. White tees and tanks are also a staple for me! You can swap these out for a color, nude or black if that is something you wear more often but I wear white all year round. You’ll see as you got through this capsule I chose a pair of neutral slides and a neutral sneaker to get us through spring that can be worn with any of the outfits shown. 

plus size spring capsule wardrobe

This is hands down my favorite outfit of all of them and I could see myself wearing this all the time! Here we are taking wide-leg pants and a jean jacket for chilly days and pairing it with a white tee. This outfit could easily be worn out. You can also switch out for a graphic tee and sneakers to run errands in as well! 

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

Alright, now let’s see different ways we can wear the same thing to make our outfits stretch even longer. 

spring business casual capsule wardrobe

Another example of a great staple piece in your closet is a good dress you can wear to just about anything. I LOVE this dress and I am snagging it for sure. I can think of 100 ways and reasons to wear it which means it would be a solid place in my closet. You can dress this one up with sneakers and a jacket to wear out and run errands or you can slide sandals on for a get-together. The options are endless but these are the two ways I chose to style it. If you hate dresses I included a jumpsuit above that can worn multiple ways as well! 

spring travel capsule wardrobe 2022

This example is showing how just changing the shirt changes the entire outfit. Just something as simple as switching out your shirt changes the entire look of an outfit from a graphic tee to a white tee. You could also switch out the sandals and sneakers to change the outfit as well! 

spring colour palette capsule wardrobe

Next up we can chat about mixing and matching each piece you have. above is 4 pieces but you really have 4 outfits as well. You can style each of these dressed up or down depending on how you wear it. Another reason capsule wardrobes are so nice! It takes so much stress out of getting ready for the day. I love these wide-leg pants. I would probably just pull from winter and move to spring but if you need a pair, these are the cutest! I live in sweatshirts because I’m ALWAYS cold but this is something you don’t need a ton of in a spring capsule (depending on where you live of course). A cardigan, sweater, and jean jacket should get you through the spring though. 

This post was all about Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023

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