The Best Spring Cleaning Products To Make Your Life Easier

Want to know the best spring cleaning products for your home? Today I’m sharing my favorite cleaning products that will make spring cleaning such a breeze! 

It’s so hard to believe that it’s that time of year. Spring cleaning has always been a fav of mine. When I was younger I loved looking at my mom’s housekeeping magazines during spring cleaning times. I would also cut up old boxes and wrap them on paper to organize all of my things. 

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Spring Cleaning Products

Spring Cleaning Products- Floors

This is a total splurge but so worth it in my opinion. A cordless vacuum. I have Dyson V11 and it is amazing. It’s worth every penny but you can grab it on a special deal a lot here. This particular model adjusts itself for carpet and hardwood to save battery. It also has a digital screen letting you know how much time you have left on each setting. I usually just keep it on auto though to save battery.

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard of using powdered tide in their mop buckets. I use to love doing this but I couldn’t add the bleach in because our floors are real wood and it was taking a toll on them. So I started using Pine-Sol and my spin mop. 

I absolutely LOVE it. I also love that I can turn it on its side and clean the baseboards off as well. That alone makes it worth it for me. 

A new mop I added to the group this winter is the O’Cedar spray mop. We had such a rough winter so the amount of salt that was brought into our home was unbelievable. This made clean-up so simple for me and I could grab it at random to clean the floor up quickly.

Lastly, I keep a bottle of Folex handy always. I couldn’t believe how amazing this is. I have yet to find a stain that I can’t get out of our rugs with this cleaner. I’ll have to do a before, during, and after over the gram.

Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Products- Misc

I purchased a yellow Scrub Daddy sponge this year and fell in love. I really like this 3 piece set in different colors. It would be so nice to have them in multiple rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. The color coding would help to keep them separate and not mixed up. 

Next, you will love these microfiber cloths. I use them all over. Wipe down the kitchen, dust, cleaning the windows, and mirrors. They wash up so nicely and I just can’t say enough great things about them honestly. 

My last favorite (not for any other reason than just going down my list as I wrote it) is Barkeepers friend. You will use this on EVERYTHING.

Burnt pans? Barkeepers friend.

Hard water spots? Barkeepers friend.

Sink marks? Barkeepers friend. 

I think you get the point. It’s magic in a bottle. I get this out at a minimum of 3 times a week. 

  I will be sure to link up my everyday cleaning items also but I feel like these highlighted spring cleaning products will just really help you out, in the long run, this year so they had to be shared.

This post was the first in our cleaning series all about the best spring cleaning products that will make your life easier. 

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