The Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas (She Actually Wants)

top 10 mothers day gift ideas

This post is all about Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2023.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. All of these picks though can be found on Amazon which makes them an easy gift with a quick turnaround.

Mothers Day 2023

Moms are often so hard to buy for. I know my mom always told me she didn’t want anything except to see us and spend time with us. Was that true? Sure! I still wanted to give her something though. 

Now as a mom myself I have started a long wishlist of items that anyone could grab anything from and I would be so excited. 

Here are my picks of something moms would love for themselves but maybe not ask for. 

Gift Ideas For Hard to Buy Moms

If your mom loves doing her hair. (or hates doing her hair, to be honest) This tool is AMAZING you can dry your hair, curl your hair, or give yourself an amazing blowout. The other one on the market is double in price and honestly, speaking from experience, not worth the price increase. 

I never realized the benefits of sleeping with a humidifier until much later in life but I will probably never stop now. I love this one and it’s on my personal wish list because it looks nice on a table and covers a large room. 

Mother's Day Gifts 2023 For Wife

Every mom loves a good lounge set that is cute enough to wear out. This one is the cutest. It comes in multiple colors but this purple is just calling out. They also have beige, black & white, as well as some blues. The material is so soft and I’m sure this piece would be a hit for sure. 

Another excellent pick. A work tote. So simple and so functional. The pocket on the inside is what has sold me.  If you aren’t looking to spend this much here is another option that is just as cute (tested the black and it looks/feels amazing!) that won’t break the bank. 

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas 2023

Putting together a little gift basket is always a plus as well. You can gather a few of mom’s favorite things from makeup, skincare, or even coffee if that’s what she loves. Here are a few things you can put into a gift basket that mom will love.

Focusing on a self-care basket… 

Ice rolling has so many benefits and has really grown in popularity. Perfect for a self-care basket. 

Dry brushing is so good for the skin. Eco tools is such a good brand for these items as well. Not too expensive but also will not fall apart after one use. 

Something else that has gained so much popularity is GuaSha. I highly recommend watching video tutorials to make sure that you get the full benefits. While I’m not sure if all of the claims are true I can say that it does feel good after you use it. 

Nothing beats a good robe. Summer time is here so this waffle print would be perfect! 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2023

I use to be an airpod-only girl. Now I have a Windows computer so it’s not as convenient anymore. We switched to beats last year and I can’t see myself going back. Looking for another option? We bought these last year and the sound quality is amazing for the price. They were great to test our son’s ability to keep track of earbuds before spending a lot of money on nicer ones. (spoiler alert he lost one the first week he owned them. So we will not be getting expensive ones yet)

Not all moms spend a lot on themselves. I think that’s where a lot of self-care posts came into play. Indulging in taking care of yourself more and having a moment to yourself. If your mom loves to do this every now and then grab her anything from this line. The scent alone gives you a full-on spa experience. The best part? If she loves it (which we know she will) you can buy refillable pouches that drastically reduce the cost of buying them each time you are out. 

Non Amazon Gift Ideas

Honorable mentions that are not from Amazon. (make sure you check the dates that they get here in time!)

Life in Lilac home fragrance. Everything I own from them so far smells amazing and doesn’t give me a terrible headache! 

I have the Amazon version of this top seller. However, if splurging on mom with the real deal is highly recommended. 

If your mom loves jewelry Miranda Frye is amazing! I wear my bracelets from them every day with zero tarnishing. 

Another amazing jewelry brand is Abbott Lyon. Again, no tarnishing, and I never have to take them off. My collection with them is slowly growing and I could not be more pleased with each piece I have. Abbott Lyon has given us a discount code! AllinAL20 for 20% off, how awesome is that??  

This post was all Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2023.

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