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Winter Fashion trends 2022

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Today I am sharing the best winter fashion finds from Amazon for 2022! January you have been a month of birthdays and purging here at the Lott house. I have gone through every person’s closet (mine could probably have another look through) but that is for another day. 

While purging I went through everything that wasn’t fitting, not reached for, just doesn’t get work, and sent it off to the next appropriate place. Sold the pieces that could be sold (still in the season just doesn’t fit me). Donated some items. Then sent some to the basement for my husband to make rags out of (anything with stains and holes). 

After all of that, it was time to assess what we have left and what we needed. The kids both grew at least 2 inches so new pants all around. My son has decided to not wear anything but hoodies. Ever. My daughter is all about crop tops and tight pants *insert eye roll*. While she is 100% losing the crop top battle she still needed warm clothes. 

For myself, I have gained a few extra pounds to love and owned zero jeans that have no holes in them. So while I love leggings just as much as the next girl it is nice to own a pair of pants for those occasions that I leave my house. (No matter how few and far between that is). 

Trendy Winter Fashion 2022

I have rounded up all of my favorite Amazon Fashion finds for this winter that I have added to my closet or are currently in my closet already! 

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Sweater Highlight

I’d like to take a moment to highlight this sweater. It is my absolute favorite sweater I have owned in a long time. I currently have it in 3 colors and I probably wont stop till own every single one. I get my true size small but I did buy the medium in maroon for a little bit more legnth with leggings. I cannot say enough things about this sweater. I promise you that you wont regret it at all. 

Wrapping Up Winter Fashion

You will definately be seeing me in these outfits all winter long. I feel like Amazon has come a long long way in clothing and it is becoming a go to for so many shoppers.

They always have the best deals on Levi’s which are one of my personal favorite jean brands. They also include them in their Try Before You Buy program so I can grab mulitple sizes and send back the ones that don’t work for me. 

Amazon has also become my go to for jewlery. I love changing my accessories regularly so it’s the most affordable option for me at this point. 

The only piece from the post I’m missing is the sneakers with the star on there here. Only because my size seems to sell out quickly. I am 100% keeping tabs on them though because I love them so much. The boots pictured are a little pricey but I did find an amazing look alike too! I ordered them to get a better a feel for them. They have memory foam footbed which instantly made them more comfortable in my initial opinion on them. 

This concludes my most recent winter fashion finds on Amazon! I’m so ready for warmer weather but the mounds of snow outside is making it much harder to get in the mood to walk away from sweaters. I’m not sure where you are but here winter seems to go well into March now a days. The bright colors though always make me feel so much better about it! 

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