Your guide to the must have Cricut accessories!

First, let’s talk about my Cricut background…

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I figure before you listen to me on what Cricut accessories you need. I should tell you about me and why I know what I’m talking about. SimplySena started as just simple crafts in 2017. I made shirts, signs, and decals using my Cricut. I practiced with small projects for family friends and the next thing I knew I had a full-blown business on my hands.

Since starting this business I have had consistent work and have helped countless people start their own Cricut business as well. This post is me letting you know that I have been through it all at this point. I have spent money on things that are still sitting in packages because it was a “must-have” item that was just not needed. Note that this is directed towards basic vinyl projects. You may need other items when producing paper products.

A little about Cricut machines…

First, my first Cricut was the Explore Air 2 it was an excellent machine. I highly recommend it for someone starting and not sure what they want to do with it. The main differences between the machines would be the depth in which you can cut materials and the cutting force that the machines use. What the heck does that mean? The air can cut tons of materials, but the maker can cut thicker materials such as balsam wood and thicker leather. If those are something you are interested in working with, then I would skip the air and go straight to the maker. If shirts, signs, decals, and stickers are your thing then the air will be just fine!

Gold Cricut Maker sitting on a tile table

Cricut Accessories- What do beginners need to get started with Cricut?

Next, the question I get is what should I buy to get started? Luckily you can purchase a Cricut accessory kit that honestly has it all. I have this set and I love it, however, there are better tools out there you can purchase separately.

The weeding tool is one of them. I use this one specifically and I love it so much. Cricut brand has a good one that comes in the set but for personal preference the retractable works best for me.

Updating to let you know that I did purchase the one below and I have really been enjoying it! Being able to change out the tips has been game-changing. I would recommend this for any beginner to keep the number of items you have laying around to a minimum. 


The set also comes with a pair of scissors which I love. I just keep a larger pair on hand for bigger projects. These ones happen to be my favorite!

Cricut tool set, scissors, retractable weeding tool, cutter, ruler

Cricut Accessories-What mat do I need?

You will also need a mat or two. I use green the most and my second used mat is purple. The green mat is for most materials it’s their mid-grade strength when it comes to stickiness. The purple is the strongest and I typically use it for things like glitter vinyl that is much thicker than basic iron-on. They also have a pink and blue mat for fabric and paper products.


Cricut Accessories- Vinyl 

Another bit of advice I could give is the type of vinyl and htv you use. I purchase most of these from Amazon, but there are a lot of great sites out there you can buy from! I mostly buy things now to make for myself or very last minute so Amazon has turned into my go-to for those things.

My most used would be this permanent vinyl here I use this to make stencils for painting and it’s great for placing on projects you want to make a design on without dealing with painting them! When I first started most people wanted signed painted which is when stenciling came in handy. I personally prefer the clean lines of just using the vinyl itself for lettering. If applied properly it will last you forever.

If you are making shirts or putting anything on the material you will want this HTV here. I find that it grips fabric very well. I still have shirts from when I first started that are intact from using this brand! It’s all about application and how the person cares for their clothing. If someone doesn’t properly wash their clothing it doesn’t stand a chance. No matter what the brand is. 

This post was all about Cricut Accessories and what you need to get started. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful when deciding what to purchase to start your crafting journey. 

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**some links may be affiliate links, which means that at no cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase items using these links**


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